Animal disease control

Animal disease control is applied animal welfare

Animal welfare-compliant, fast execution in the farm poultry and pig sector.

There are different methods of combating notifiable disease in poultry and pigs kept for food production:

  • preventive vaccination of healthy animals
  • targeted killing and disposal of affected animals.

Modern diagnostic systems, especially from the field of molecular biology (e.g. the so-called PCR technique), now allow the reliable and highly sensitive detection of animal diseases requiring control within a very short time, i.e. within a few hours.

In the case of officially ordered depopulation of poultry and pigs, we ensure that the work is carried out quickly and in accordance with animal welfare requirements. Speed of depopulation and strict containment play a decisive role in limiting the spread of these highly pathogenic animal diseases. Containment and prevention of onward spread of these pathogens is in our view critical to disease control  as it limits the risk to the wider animal population.

Safe animal disease control protects markets

Competent disease control is important to confidence of trading partners and thus protects markets.